Friday, 14 May 2010

Well - it's now just over one week since the Election and we now have a Conservative Liberal coalition. It all happened rather quickly on Tuesday evening - we ended up watching it all on TV - quite compulsive viewing. Nick Clegg is deputy prime minister and most of us hope that the arrangements will bring us the best of both worlds. - even though we know that deep cuts are coming! Must be a bit like a phoney war at the moment.
Its really cold at the moment - unseasonably so - we keep hoping it'll warm up but no good so far. I wonder if its the volcano in Iceland causing it?!
Work as busy as ever - my Fundrasing manager left today and so I will be picking up many elements of her work until the Charity Committee decide whether and how to cover her role. Shame as I liked working with her. Today I also held my first ever Freedom of Information appeal panel - where soemoen who applied to receive some information under the FOI Act was refused, they appealed and so we had to form a panel to review the decision. Quite interesting. I guess generally my job is interesting - I just wish it wasn't quite so busy all the time!
Guy and Ann have finished their cycle ride - poor things the weather was bad - but what an achievement. And Emily ran her 10km on Sunday!
(Grandma) Sheila takes a turn in a skid pan in a fast car at Silverstone race track on Sunday - wow!¬

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