Thursday, 6 May 2010

My first ever blog

Well - I've been wondering for ages what blogs were all about and here I am with one of my own. Feels a tad self indulgent! I wonder what to actually say on it - and who will actually read it. How long do they stay in the air ?
I read a book recently that consisted of the diaries of a group of people who had submitted their entries to a government department after the war - it was really interesting and very well edited as these people never knew each other and yet somehow their stories seemed inter connected. Maybe one day this will get woven into something like that!
Well where to start? I'm 46 - 47 n Sunday, married, three children - although now young adults (21,18.15) Its election day today - haven't voted yet and its 8.10 pm but do intend to. This election has been the most "exciting" - if you can ever use that word - for ages. And has shown what a farce having a first past the post voting system does. The lib democrats have gained much more support in the opinion polls and yet are likely to end up with many fewer seats in parliament than the other two parties.
Not sure if that's very interesting for my first blog but never mind!

I've been drawn to the blog by my cousing - Guy - and his wife Anne who are currently cycling from Spain, across France to the channel in aid of a cancer charity in memory of a friend. I've been really enjoying reading their exploits - this must be the worst year ever for weather in Spain and Southern France as every day it seems to be raining for them.
Oh well - must go - wonder if I'll ever do this again.!

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