Saturday, 8 May 2010

Cast Ne'er a clout

What a start to May we have had. Weather really cold and today wet too. Spend all week at work and look forward to a weekend pottering about and instead spend it shopping in the dry! TK Maxx - that bastion of capitalism, followed by a trip to Marks and Spencer to buy our treat for a Saturday teatime! (Chicken breasts in Ginger and Coriander for the curious)
Also bought some chicken food for the exhorbitant fee of £8.99 for a sack of mixed corn - 20 kg. Still we are getting about 4 eggs a day at the moment from the 4 chickens - maybe we shall go and buy a couple more birds tomorrow now we have a super deluxe chicken enclosure - spend two consecutive weekends in April on it - at least the weather was warm then.
Election result was a hung parliament - Tories in the lead but are 20 seats short of a majority and so are now in discussions with the liberal democrats - they actually lost 3 seats despite all the hype that Nick Clegg had created the third party alternative - that was the exciting bit about the election. Wonder what will happen - as Lib Dems want changes to the voting system that I cannot see the Tories agreeing to.
Spain has closed air space today due to volcanic ash - hope that all sorted by the summer as we are flying this year to Corsica. Just our luck!
Emily running a 10km tomorrow in Bristol - hope she does ok.
Hope to go out tonight to Tapas bar on the Wellingborough Road - really nice there.
Tried today to order new contact lenses online - realised I need an eye test before I can reorder - drat!
Took me ages to log into this today as had forgotten password etc. - dementia and computers don't go too well together!
47 tomorrow - how old am I becoming?!

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